Channel Catfish

picture of a channel catfish 400 x 300 - 21k

These fish are excellent for stocking in ponds in Oregon and Washington. However, they rarely spawn because the water temperature does not get warm enough in the Pacific Northwest. Channel catfish grow well when fed commercially available fish food. They can grow to a large sizes, commonly reaching 10 pounds or more and do well with other warmwater fish like largemouth bass, black crappie, and bluegill. Channel catfish are an excellent tasting fish with few bones and are fun and easy to catch. We recommend stocking 50 4-6 inch channel catfish per surface acre when combined with other warmwater gamefish such as largemouth bass, black crappie , and bluegill.In most northwest ponds, channel catfish will not "muddy up" a pond stocked at 50 per surface acre or less. If you want to have just catfish, 200 4-6 inch fish per surface acre is our recommended stocking rate.

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