Largemouth Bass picture of a largemouth bass 500 � 206 - 40k -

Largemouth bass are one of the best sport fish in America. Known for their tenacious fighting spirit, they are great for small ponds in Oregon and Washington. Largemouth bass grow very well in small ponds and can reach sizes of 1 to 3 pound in a year or two. We recommend they be stocked along with bluegill and black crappie. The bluegill and black crappie will provide food for the largemouth bass while the bass will prevent the bluegill and black crappie from over populating your pond.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, largemouth bass will readily reproduce in typical farm ponds and small lakes. We recommend 50-4 inch fish per surface acre combined with 50 bluegill and 50 black crappie .

$1.00 per inch

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